AUTOMEDIC is  completely mobile and brings over 40 years of experience right to your door. 

  • EPA certified
  • I-Car certified
  • licensed, insured
  • PPG refinish certified

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Open from 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturdayype y

AUTOMEDIC mobile auto body repair

The repairs you see on these vehicles were all completed  in one day for under $600.00  by AUTOMEDIC.

​Quality repairs


 Improper repairs will cost more to repair the second time around.

 AUTOMEDIC will  do it right the first time.

 Quality repairs demand quality materials applied by an experienced professional.


 Most repairs are done in one day at your home with professional results.

   No driving to the body shop Three times. Once for an estimate and then again to drop it off. 

 On your third trip to the shop, you are picking it up a day later than it was promised.