Do you remember when you drove your car home for the first time?

​       Many of us just stare at it in our driveway for a while. 

       Three years go by with no mechanical issues and not even a      scratch. The interior is still perfect. The bond you have with this car might be deeper than when you drove it home for the first time.

Well.... Things happen to our cars . They call them accidents. He did it . She did it. I have no clue how it happened.

  Crowded parking lots are places where you don't know who is going to park next to you.

    You parked between a Bentley and a Jaguar but when you got back to your car they were gone. On one side of your car was a very sad minivan, on the other side was a shopping cart that was against your car. The cart left a scratch and a small dent right next to the door handle. You will remember this day every time you get in your car. 

Your wayward son borrowed the car for the evening . He said he was attacked by zombies and he barely escaped with his life. 

The automatic garage door closer is just too stupid to know that your car isn't quite in far enough when it's coming down. 

​The curb doesn't know how low your car is. 

The crazy driver in front of you swerves rapidly and looks out of control. You look in front of you and realize that the reason they swerved is now your problem. You feel the impact, It sounds terrible going under your car. When you get out of your car to look at it, you cringe and use one eye at a time. Its not all that bad. You expected much more damage. Now it has a little damage.

Whatever it was lets fix it . Let AUTOMEDIC make it a memory that you can hardly remember.

Not a memory that you look at every time you get in your car.

Not a memory that your friends keep reminding you of.

Not a memory that you eventually are going pay for in one way or another. 

Any damage to your car will diminish it's value upon trade in or sale. 

For the love of your car call AUTOMEDIC  and renew that love today  760-702-7880

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AUTOMEDIC    is here for the love of your car

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